Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a week..

Well well well.. it has been a trying week. Lucca hasn't been feeling well for the past week and then Randy and I got sick as well.. Really bad vomitting, diarrhea, fevers, etc. We just figured it was some type of flu that one of us got and spread to the others.. well by the end of last week Lucca stopped eating well, and was extremely fussy and just not himself. He is constantly chewing on his hands so we figured maybe he is starting to teethe.. well come Monday morning he was not getting any better and he had broken out with a blotchy rash all over his face and stomach so I called the doctor for an appt. We get to the doctor and come to find out...We all have rotavirus. yay. so it is just something that we all have to get over and let it run its course, and just stay hydrated. AND on top of the rotavirus, he IS teething so he is even more fussy and we have to pretty much force him to eat, and he doesn't sleep well at night anymore.. so this past week has been really stressful, tiring, etc. So hopefully we will all get better soon!

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