Monday, August 10, 2009


We had a fun cookout this weekend with some family that came into town! He got to meet his Aunt PJ for the first/second time! And we hung out with Aunt Donna, Aunt Terry, Patrick, Uncle Gordon, Tricia and cousins Brynn and Grayson. Brynn LOVES to play with Lucca and hold him like a lil mama heh. Grayson is getting so big and it is hard to believe that this time next year, Lucca will be running around with him getting into things around the house! lol. It was pretty fun and Lucca showed everyone how much he talks and laughs. He is getting to be so big and fun! Here are just a few pics (we didnt take hardly any) and a video of himt talkin and laughing with me =)
sitting in Paw-Paws lap
Lucca with Paw-Paw & cousin Brynn
cousin Brynn holding me

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Miranda Tucci said...

I LOVE this video!!!! He's such a happy little guy!