Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!

So today is my 24th birthday..yay.. I had a pretty good weekend. Randy bought me the EA Active for the Wii which is a really good workout program. Friday night Mom and Dad kept little man so Randy and I could go out to eat and to a movie. We ended up goin to Outback and seeing The Proposal..( I dragged him to that movie heh) But it was a really good movie. Then Saturday my Aunt & Uncle had a fish fry at their house for my birthday. It was nice to see some family. Today on my "actual" birthday I just stayed at home cleaning up around the house. Lucca has been really whiney lately and I'm not sure if it is because of his belly or what. We started him on a new formula, which he seems to really like and he isn't spitting it up, but since we started it the whininess has I can't put my finger on it.. Our appt with the GI doc is tomorrow so hopefully we can figure something out.
On a sad note...our neighbors across the street are moving tomorrow. It kinda sux because the wife and I just started gettin to know each other and we both have little boys so I was hopin they could become friends and hang out with each other. We have both lived in the neighborhood for almost 2 years and I just wish we could have gotten to know each other much sooner. They seem to be really nice and I like em! heh We plan on getting together for Gator games so hopefully we can remain friends and the boys will become best buds! Alright well little guy is finally asleep so I'm gunna hit the sack and hope for a few hours of sleep. Gnight!

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