Sunday, November 1, 2009

We had such a good day yesterday.. Lucca was Yoda for his 1st Halloween. lol We were going to go to the fall festival at Evangel Temple but I came down with a cold out of nowhere was have been sick since Wednesday..almost bed-ridden. So my parents kept Lucca Friday night so I could get some sleep to try and get better....didn't work. But Saturday we just hung out at the house. I got some cute pictures of Lucca in his costume and we sat outside passing out candy to all of the little trick-or-treaters. They were so cute. We ran out of candy really quick though because there weren't that many kids out so Randy was giving out HANDFULS of candy to each kid. Around 7:30 the doorbell didn't stop ringing and we had to hurry and turn our porch light off before more came because we had run out! It was fun though. Can't wait till next year so we can actually take Lucca trick-or-treating and to fall festivals! Hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween!

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