Monday, December 14, 2009


Well this morning was the BIG DAY for Lucca's Endoscopy. His appt was at 8:35 so we had to be there bright and early at 6:30. We got there and got back in a room and the nurse was asking questions...Of course one of the questions was has he had any coughing or wheezing in the past week. So I told her he had just gotten over RSV the week before and was cleared by the pediatrician to go ahead. Well she went and talked to the anesthesiologist and they said that any baby with RSV can't have a procedure until 4-6 weeks after their last albuterol treatment...So we pack our stuff back up and headed back home... I have mixed feelings about the whole situation. I'm so upset and frustrated because we were FINALLY about to find out what is going on with Lucca's stomach, after waiting SOOOOO long, but I know that if his lungs are not 100% healthy that anything could go wrong and that they only have his best interest at heart.. So now we have to wait until January 11th for the procedure, and HOPE that he doesn't get sick again in between now and then.. So please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers! I know that everything happens for a reason...

Until next time..

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