Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthdays, Bowling & Valentine's

This weekend we went to a surprise party for my friend's husband who turned 30. She had it at the Orange Park Kennel Club saturday night and he was so surprised, thankfully! It was alot of fun, and Randy & I even got into the "dog betting" lol. I won 6$ hehe. It was really good to see them again. She is one of my BESTIES that moved away to SC because of her husband being in the navy. I miss her so much!
Here are a few pics from last night:
Mike's Bday cake! he is obsessed with Star Wars

Me & my Love =)
Me & My Bestie

Mike & his cake.

Today is Valentine's Day and since my parents kept Lucca last night so we could go to the birthday, we decided to go bowling before we picked him up. Randy recently went bowling with some guys at work one night and now he is hooked lol. He is wanting to buy balls and shoes and the whole shabang! I used to go bowling 6 years ago! So we went today, and all I can say is, mama needs some practice! lol It is so fun tho! Definately something that I could get back into once in a while..Probably gunna have to stretch the next time tho because my back and arms are S-O-R-E lol!!

Well I hope everyone has had a Happy Valentines Day! I know I sure have! This is what I got from Randy and Lucca!
A Mama & Baby Bromeliad plant =)

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