Monday, April 19, 2010

Bath Tub Fun

So for the longest time I have been bathing Lucca in the big lounge back baby bath because I didn't want to sit him upright right after he ate for fear of him throwing up.. Now that his reflux is starting to get better I figured it was time he moved on up to the big boy bath He is actually doing very well in it and loves trying to catch his little fishies =) Here are a few pics of him playing during bath time.. BTW he is almost 16 months! Crazy how time flies!

Hmm not sure what to think yet..!

Yah mom..that was pretty cool.. lol


Miranda Tucci said...

That chair is SO COOOL!!! Does he love his bath toys? T LOVES bath time!

Lynzy said...

yes he LOVES them! He s so much more interactive during bathtime now that he is sitting up