Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Neurology Appointment

Not sure if we told many people about this, but we decided to get a Neurology Evaluation done for Lucca since he IS so far behind in so many aspects, just to make sure that he doesn't have anything going on in his brain that could be causing his cognitive delays.. Apparently Neurology is a very busy field for peds because the EARLIEST appointment was August 12th! This was scheduled about 2 months ago! Well this past Monday afternoon, scheduling from Nemours called me and offered me an appointment for this morning at 8:15...I TOOK IT! We were so blessed to get in TWO months early! So we went in and met with the doctor and he asked us our concerns, and he looked at Lucca up and down pretty well and did his assessments of him.. He said that he definitely has some concerns for Lucca and told us that he obviously is not your normal 17 month old.. He mentioned that one of his concerns is that Lucca may have something going on with his nerve cells, muscle cells or both, and would like to get an MRI of his brain since the brain pretty much controls everything.. They will have to sedate him, since he is an infant, and he said that this will be a start to finding out what is going on. He took some blood work today to test for A LOT of stuff...some of which being chromosomal abnormalities, thyroid issues, liver and blood function..etc and said all of these test should be able to really tell him alot, and what direction to go in. He also said that he knows everyone has been telling us "Lucca has delays", "Lucca is very behind", we obviously know that.. lol He is going to be able to give us a diagnosis as to WHY he is behind and having delays... FINALLY!! THIS is hopefully what we have been waiting so long for!!

When he told us we would have to get blood work I started to freak out a little because Lucca is a VERY HARD stick, and his veins roll... So I was not looking forward to seeing my lil baby in pain =( BUT Paw-Paw held his hand and I sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider about 25 times and kept him distracted and he didn't cry AT ALL for 3 vials of blood!!! I was SO proud of my lil booger! I couldn't believe how GOOD he was! Such a trooper =) And of course during the evaluation he had three wet diapers, and at the end of the visit when he gave us the orders he told us he would need a urine sample...NOW you tell us! lol so we had to wait for over an hour for Lucca to pee again hehe..
His big boy bandaid!!

Soooo.. now we are waiting to hear back from the blood work, and Lucca's MRI is scheduled for July 27th at 7am! Hopefully we will finally get some answers!!

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