Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tricia's Baby Shower

Yesterday we had my cousin Tricia's baby shower for her 3rd lil baby at my mom's house. She is expecting a little boy, Ethan Charles, in August...but we don't think he is going to wait THAT long to make his debut.. He is already 5 pounds!! Everything turned out so good and she definitely got a LOT of necessities!! I didn't get a chance to take many photos but here are some that I took..

The food table

Snack table with lots of yummy goodies!

more goodies..

Cousins, Grayson & Lucca playin ball

They had fun with that ball!

Lucca "sprawled" out on cousin Brynn

Just chillen watchin TV
ALSO...after everyone left for the baby shower, we were playing with Lucca in my parent's bedroom...he LOVES giving the baby in the mirror kisses... Well after a few minutes of letting him kiss the baby, he decided he wanted to pull himself up..ALL BY HIMSELF with no help from mama!!! What an accomplishment for him! We were SOOO excited to say the least, so of course we got a video!! He is getting so big =)
It just takes the right motivation to get him doing things...Thank goodness for the baby in the mirror! lol

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