Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bittersweet News

The nurse from Nemours called me today with the rest of Lucca's bloodwork results. His amino acids are normal and some of his urine was questionable, but she said that was probably due to something he ate for breakfast... And lastly, the big one that we have been waiting a month for...His chromosome tests came back abnormal...the very word I was dreading but hoping for at the same time..
The test showed that he has an abnormal piece of material attached to his 22nd chromosome, which could definitely be the cause of all of his delays.. Apparently that chromosome (just from what the nurse told me) really affects that stuff. So now we definitely have to go see a geneticist, and of course that appointment isn't until October 28th... and Randy & I also have to get bloodwork done to test our chromosomes.. They said this particular abnormality could be something that Randy or I, or the combination of our genes, passed on to him. Soooooo, this is where we are right now.. I'm super bummed about the whole thing, because I was really starting to hope and wish that he was really just super behind... and trying to dwell on the positives..which I still am, but it's definitely hard. And then I am also glad that we FINALLY have an answer and a lead to SOMETHING.. just sucks too.. =\ Anyway, please keep Lucca in your prayers! We definitely appreciate it =) I will update as I find out more.

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