Saturday, August 14, 2010

Puppies, puppies & more puppies!

Today we took Lucca to the puppy store for the 1st time! He has starting getting very excited whenever he sees Kali and tried to pull out her fur and pull her ears off.. so we thought he would like seeing the puppies, since they would be more playful than Kali.. Well he LOVED every minute of it! He would actually PULL HIMSELF UP to hold onto the cages and look over in to see the puppies! It was awesome!! Randy mentioned possibly getting Lucca a puppy maybe next year to help him. They have therapy dogs that help with kids physical and social development.. so who knows.. we will see! I'm not too keen on getting a dog just yet but whatever help my lil booger.. Here are some pictures of our visit to the puppy store!

He LOVED the puppies!

Cheezin' with daddy

Letting the puppies lick his fingers

Looking over into the cages

Loved these ones!

Playin with the pups

*roughly* petting the weaner doggie
Here is a short video I took to show how excited he was getting seeing all the puppies:

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