Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope everyone is being safe this year! Here are ALOT of pictures from our festivities this year!

Lucca was a garden gnome! (thanks to his cousin, Grayson, who let us use the costume!)

Lucca's little pumpkin given to him by Annabella

Kisses from Mama @ the pumpkin patch!

Playing on the tractor

An attempt to get a family photo..Lucca would not look at the camera

Ian trying to get Lucca's attention


Sleep look lol

Why do you have me sitting in the middle of all these pumpkins??

Eww..this one is REALLY bumpy...


Ian, Chris, Lucca & Me...the boys were not interested in taking pictures!

Learning to see-saw

Told you he wouldnt look at the camera!

skeleton outfit for the fall festival

Mr. Bones!

Sleepy Baby & Daddy

My little love!

Lucca & Mommy


Miranda said...

He is getting SO BIG!! Where does the time go?!
I really wish we were there to spend Halloween with you guys! Our boys would have had a lot of fun!

Lynzy said...

I know.. I walked by yalls house this morning, and I really wish you guys still lived there.. =(