Thursday, October 14, 2010

Orthotics Fitting

Lucca's Physical Therapist recommended that we get Lucca some braces mainly for his ankles, just to help stabilize them when she is working with him on walking. His ankles tend to roll and aren't strengthening at a great pace so these are going to help with alot of different areas. Well today we went and got Lucca fitted for his "custom braces"! lol He did such a good job sitting still (for the most part..he did start to get a little bored) but he was so cute the whole time! I can't wait to get them in!
Lucca & Mama
Lookin up @ Mama..bein such a sweet boy :)

Such a big boy

Molding the casts for his feet

Lucca's personal mold of his foot! lol

More Molding...

"OK I'm bored now.." hehe

Being so good!

"Can we go now?"

An idea of what Lucca's will look like only much smaller and his will have cars, trucks, & helicopters on the clear part and the straps will be blue!

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Miranda said...

Look at that big boy!! He looks so handsome!
His braces are going to be sooooo cute!!