Saturday, December 18, 2010

A True Christmas Miracle!

Earlier in the week I got a call from a lady that works at Lucca's Therapy center. She told me that Lucca was going to be the proud recipient of a new therapy trike for Christmas! That someone had donated one for him to receive at no cost to us!I was in total shock! Lucca's therapist, Ms. Debbie, had put Lucca on the donation list a few months ago, but told us there was no time frame on when we would get one, it just depended on when and if anyone donated... So we definitely weren't expecting this anytime soon! What a miracle! This trike is so awesome because Lucca has a hard time getting his upper and lower body to work together as a whole, and this trike moves his arms and legs in one motion together so it gets/makes them to work together as a whole!!! Today they had a "giving away party" to everyone who got bikes and trikes.. As soon as I walked in I was so overwhelmed I couldn't hold back the tears. I just couldn't believe someone did this for us.. Thank you so very very much to the husband and wife who's hearts are so huge to do this for my son and for the many other children who needed these bikes. It is so nice to know that there are still people out there who do good deeds for others. I wish we could have been able to thank this couple in person but they had already left by the time we got there. Here are some photos of Lucca trying out his new Christmas Trike!!
-Lucca & Mommy-

-Working with his hands to get them to stay on the handles-

-Trying out his new helmet-

-He was being so patient while everyone got him locked in lol-

-Military guys even showed up to help put the bikes together and hand stuff out. how awesome!-

-Getting fitted-

-Going for a spin with Paw-Paw-

-He is my WHOLE world!-

-He was singing!!-
-sorry the video is sideways...I took it lengthwise to get the whole bike and so that is how it comes up, and it won't let me rotate you may have to turn your head a little to see it..sorry!!-
Today was just one piece of evidence that God is still working miracles everyday!


Schauss Family Happenings said...

How Awesome! What a lucky little guy. Ashlyn still can't ride a trike or bike. She can't coordinate the legs movements. I so wish I had $1000 to get her an adaptive bike. She hates seeing all the kids in the neighborhood ride bikes...and she can't join them. REALLY...what a blessing.

Lynzy said...

He still hasn't figured out the movements yet. Thankfully it has straps to strap his feet in or he wouldn't keep them on there, it also came with little wraps to keep his hands on the handles because he doesn't keep his hands on anything for longer than a few seconds.. does ashlyn have that issue with textures and her hands?

Schauss Family Happenings said...

She won't do the straps on her feet or her hands. They have a push/pull trike that she likes to ride at therapy, but that is the only bike she will ride. Our worst sensory issues are with her mouth. She still won't brush her own is such a fight every night. She hates toothpaste!