Monday, January 31, 2011

Tests, tests, & more tests...

So we had our G.I. appointment last Monday, and some stuff we talked about and found out is/was:

Most kids that haven't outgrown reflux by the age 2 aren't going to.. some do, but most don't.

We are going to up his meds once again to see if it helps..

Before we go ahead with the surgery we need to do a test called a Gastric Emptying Study, which will show exactly how long it is taking food and fluids to empty out of Lucca's stomach. This test will give us alot of info I think, especially since Lucca still throws up undigested food hours after he has eaten.. and is also has to be done because for the surgery they go in and wrap the top part of the stomach around the bottom part of the esophagus, which prevents anything from coming back up (which is what we want!), but if food is taking FOREVER to empty out of the stomach, then if it can't go back up (which is what it has been doing) and it can't go down then its just going to sit there and cause alot of gastric dilation... Before we go through with the surgery we are thinking about trying an antibiotic called Erythromyecin first which causes food to flow faster through his digestive track.. hopefully that will help and we can by pass the surgery all together!

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