Monday, September 5, 2011

Lucca's FIRST Vacation

This past weekend we went on a mini-vacation to Orlando to meet some other families with children that have Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, like Lucca. It also happened to be Lucca's FIRST vacation! He had alot of firsts this weekend:
-1st vacation
-1st time being in a car longer than an hour straight
-1st time sleeping in a hotel bed
-1st time meeting other children with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome
-1st time going down a water slide
-1st time sleeping in a pack-n-play with another child (lol!)
We had such a blast this weekend! Lucca really suprised me the entire trip! I'm not gunna lie...I had a little...ok alot of anxiety about this trip..for many reasons.. Lucca is not a quiet child by any means, so the 2 1/2 hour trip worried me... BUT he did great! He kept himself entertained with toys the entire trip! He had to sleep in one of the beds with me, so I bought a side bedrail and put pillow up next to it so he couldn't roll off ( I get super paranoid about that!) and he ACTUALLY slept pretty decent! Thank goodness... Of course I woke up everytime he rolled over but still, we got a little sleep. He was so good everytime we met up with everyone and didn't cry or throw any fits, which I was so thankful for.. He LOVED the pool and Randy and I each took him down the water slide for the first time (which I was also very worried about) but he did great! And he loved it! Then the ride back was just as good as the ride down, and he slept half the way! While we were there we met some amazing families that I have been in touch with through facebook since we found out about Lucca's diagnosis, and we also met some I have never talked to before.. There were a few older children from 10-21 years old and most were younger like Lucca.. It was amazing how similar all the children were, to their quirks and even some of the outer appearances... All the children had the same chewing obsession, and reflux was also very common... (nice to know we aren't alone in that area).. It was so nice to be around everyone, because it felt so"normal".. Everyone knew and understood what we were going through and no one judged anyone else. Everyone could relate, for once in our lives.. I can't wait until next year's conference. To see everyone again and also be able to meet more of the families that I have been talking to on facebook. This time we are staying the WHOLE time and really enjoying ourselves. Here are a couple pictures I took.. We were so into meeting and hanging out with everyone that I totally forgot to take pictures! I am so mad at myself.. but at least I was able to get a few..

-Lucca & Jack-

-Us & The Cox Family-

-Lucca & Carter-

These two were SO darn cute the entire weekend!
-Lucca & Daddy enjoying the pool-

-He was getting splashed by the waterfall lol-

-Lucca, Kaitlin & Carter-

All 3 of these beautiful kiddos have Phelan-McDermid Syndrome

-Jack & his older sister, Stella-

-Lucca & Carter watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-

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I am so glad you got to meet the families. Sounds like you had a fantastic time!