Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walker Trial

We have been trying out several different types of walkers in Physical Therapy over the past 2 years and Lucca just hasn't really "clicked" in them. His PT Paul, thought of a new walker called a suspension walker that he wanted to try, so the Sales Rep brought it up from down south last week for Lucca to try and he did really well in it! Today they tried it again and Paul said he is catching on to the "walking motion" in it pretty quickly! The only bad side....the price! Ugh.. 
Here are two videos I took of Lucca trying out the new walker today :) I am so proud of how he is progressing. If you would have asked me this time last year if I thought he would be learning to walk in a walker I would have told you probably not. But look at my baby go! God is SOO good!

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