Monday, November 19, 2012

Blessed Beyond Belief!

As most of you know, we have been trying to purchase Lucca a walker for the past year or so. We have held several garage sales in order to raise enough money. We finally raised enough for half of the walker. On top of trying to raise enough money, we have run into obstacle after obstacle with insurance.  Once we got Lucca's wheelchair, insurance told us that since he requires a wheelchair then he doesn't need a walker, since he is non-ambulatory. So we have been trying to fight them on reasons WHY he needs a walker. We finally got them to agree to "pass" the request. So, when we finally raised enough for half of the walker, we told Lucca's PT to go ahead and try to submit the order to the company to have it started. That was more than several months ago. Then we get the message that Wheelchairs Plus (the same company who made his wheelchair) doesn't take my insurance anymore. So...on to the next company. We wait several more months, and keep getting the message "There is a hold up with your insurance." After hearing that response multiple times, I call my insurance just to find out-guess what-they are not an authorized provider through my insurance either! My insurance gave me a list of people that they take and said to contact one of them. Well, this is back in October, and in January my work is switching to a different insurance....So i was faced with, do we start the whole process over with one of these new providers just for my insurance to switch in the middle of the process, or wait until January? Then a few days later my mom called to tell me someone from the company we were currently dealing with had called her and told her that the request for the walker had been approved and they were going to go ahead with the process of making Lucca's walker, AND at NO cost to us!!! All I can say to that is PRAISE THE LORD! He has once again blessed us beyond belief! God's timing is absolutely perfect & He has everything under HIS control. He will take care of His children! What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas present to my little man. Thank you Lord for once again providing for your children.!  Lucca received his walker at Physical Therapy last Wednesday :)

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jbcox said...

Praise the Lord! Your family deserves things to go your way!!