Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lucca's Room Makeover 4.13.13


 The Starlight Project Team! Such amazing people!!

 Sensory boards on the end of his bed

 Love all these quotes! They are so applicable.

 Lucca's incredible new bed that he will be able to sleep in for years to come! LOVE the quote they chose for above the bed!!
 Lucca's new bookcase! How awesome is this?!
 Zach Strom, the mastermind behind thinking up and building Lucca's bed!
 Cherie and Craig Sussman. The couple who started this project.

Thank you so much to the incredible group of people of the Starlight Project for choosing to make Lucca's room a more functional and fun, but safe place for him to play and grow up in. You have changed our lives and we are forever grateful and thankful to you guys for doing so.

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