Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day 2009!

Today is my first Mother's Day =-)
We had Valencia this weekend so this morning I woke up (at 6:30) lol and played with Lucca a little bit to try and pass the time until 7ish for his morning feeding.. We start our "new" feeding schedule today. Fruits replacing cereal, we will see how full he stays heh. Anyway, When I got up Valencia was hiding in the living room under a blanket and scared me when I came in lol. So I got her some breakfast and fixed Lucca some breakfast and we just chilled out watching the "Noggin" channel, while daddy caught up on some sleep. Then Valencia and I sat down and made her mom a mother's day card for her to give to her, while Lucca watched Blue's Clues. His NEW thing is watching TV. He is entralled by it! Its awesome because it gives me more time to get stuff done around the house...He will sit there for hours just watching tv and chewing on his hands lol (he is teething already) But that was my first Mother's Day! I love being a mommy! Here are some pics from this weekend with Valencia. THe last one is Valencia making her "spongebob" face lol

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Lauren said...

he is so cute-
happy mothers day !!!