Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, I am beginning to wonder if Lucca is EVER going to sleep through the night.... his sleep is SO inconsistant! One night he will sleep all the way from 9pm-530am and then the next night he will wake up at 230 and NOT want to go back to sleep... I know it is for several reasons.. a) we just changed his eating schedule so he has to get used to that; and b) he had to sleep in his carseat for like 3 months due to his reflux, and his reflux has subsided so no more carseat... he got so used to being in a tight place to sleep that now he is in a wide open place and freaks out when he wakes up! soo.. i started putting him in the bed with me when he won't go back to sleep, and he automatically goes back to sleep.. so it has kiiiiinda become a routine.. =\ I KNOW that I am hosing myself by doing that, everyone is like "oh that is so bad" and "you are only hurting youself in the long run" but it is sooo much easier to do that than sit up and rock him for HOURS when he is wide awake and not wanting to go back to sleep. When I put him in bed with me he goes right back to sleep for a few more hours... so my goal within the next month-2 months is to get him out of that habit and maybe trying to sleep in his crib... we will see how that goes .
He is starting to smile when Randy and I walk into a room and it is so awesome. He laughs and giggles at us all the time and I must say, he has the most handsome smile =) I can't believe he is already almost 5 months old. Veggies next week! I will post some videos that we took of him soon.

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