Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laziness and Drool...

So we have determined that Lucca is lazy. The doctor told us at his 4 month appt that his neck needed to be alot stronger sooo we had to do alot more exercises that MADE his lift his neck up. So we have done them EVERY SINGLE day, and yet he has learned that he can cock his neck at about 45 degrees and then move his eyes around to whatever he wants to look at.. lazy little stinker! hehe But he is finally getting better at holding his head up and not being a COMPLETE bobble head.. He just likes to head butt your nose and teeth when he gets fussy.
ALSO..mommy and daddy have been sick with sinus colds, and Lucca started to show symptoms of having a cold also, ie: stuffed up nose, coughing, sneezing, warm temp, etc. and it just kept getting worse, so I called the doc and the nurse suggested the humidifier with vicks drops and saline drops in his we did that for a few days and it kept getting worse to where he couldn't breathe unless his mouth was open. (very hard to do when you are trying to eat a bottle) so we took him in... well come to find out what we thought was a really bad cold starting, is just the symptoms that come along with him teething! Duh, stupid me.. We KNEW he was teething because he would chew on anything that got close to his mouth, (bib, hands, blankets, binky, bottle nipple) and when you move him away from your shoulder you are soaked with slobber heh.. But I had NO idea that all those symptoms came along with that! So good news cold, and soon-to-be teefies! i cannot WAIT for these teeth to come in because he is miserable!!! plus, big man weighs in at a whopping 14lbs now!

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