Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well my brother is now graduated from high school.. So hard to believe that my LITTLE brother is all grown up.. (sorta) lol We had a little family get together for him this past weekend so we got to see some family and hang out and have a good time. Here are some pics of Lucca dressed up for Uncle Matt's graduation.

(don't know if you noticed, but he is ALWAYS clutching his hands together..weirdo lol)

We also had Valencia this weekend so we decided to go down to the pool for a little while and let Lucca try out the water since he has never been. Well he absolutely LOVED the water..He didn't know what to think at first, but what baby does...He was so relaxed and just chilled the whole time..I am SO glad he didn't freak out like I thought he might. But we had a good are some pics from our day.

We also started SQUASH this weekend....heh. I tried to keep a little bit of applesauce on the spoon hoping that he would not REALLY recognize that there was something different going into his mouth, but he stopped immediately and looked at me like.."what the heck are you feeding me?!" lol he spit it all over the place the ENTIRE meal..but by dinnertime he warmed up to it.I definately don't think it is going to be one of his favorites tho...and I have a feeling I am going to be doing alot more laundry...

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