Sunday, August 16, 2009

Darn Reflux

For the past few weeks, we noticed that Lucca was having a hard time eating solid foods..I thought maybe they were too thick, or I was giving him too big of bites, but I made it thinner and gave him smaller bites and no such luck. It was really pitiful, almost like he couldn't swallow or it was hurting really bad to swallow. So we took him to the doc, (like I feel I do for everything) and come to find out him stupid reflux is acting up again,only worse. It is supposed to be getting better the older that he gets but it seems like the opposite is happening. He was already on Prevasid once a day...Now we have to give Prevasid TWICE a day AND Maalox before every meal to coat his throat. Poor lil guy. He has been through so much it seems with his eating/drinking/digestive tract..I just wish that he could enjoy a full meal without any pain or discomfort..Hopefully that day will be soon =(

On a good note..Randy bought me (& Lucca) a jogging stroller! We have been wanting one for a while and I guess since my birthday is coming up Randy thought he would surprise me..and he sure did..we tried it out this afternoon and it is definately a nice sturdy one. Plus, it has a cord to hook up your Ipod and it has speakers in the sides for the baby to listen heh. Lucca throughly enjoyed that =)

He also started holding books by himself and LOVES when daddy reads to him..He would pitch a fit when Randy would stop reading hehe. Love that lil guy! Tomorrow is the start of my new shift and we are going to spend the day by going to meet Paw-Paw for lunch! Hopefull the day will go by SLOW! hehe.

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Miranda Tucci said...

I L O V E the new jogging stroller!!!!! :)