Saturday, August 15, 2009

One ending brings new beginning..

So Friday was my last day on my OLD shift..Thank God! I am so ready to get off that shift. It was a great shift when I first started out, but after having a kid it became a miserable shift. Everything was so rush rush rush. I would get off at 7:30 and have to RUSH home to get there by 8:00 so I could feed Lucca at a reasonable hour. Then give him a bath, then rock him to then it is around 9:30..then I have to go take a shower and go to bed by then it is 10 something, just to wake up again around 3:30 am and HOPE he will go back to sleep before breakfast at 7. hehe so my days were VERY long..Im HOPING that on this new shift I will be home by able to get in a good workout/cardio a couple nights a week, feed him by 7:30 and get him to bed earlier so I can be in bed by 9..that way I have SOME sleep before he wakes up at 3:30 =) PLUS I will have 3 days weekends EVERY weekend yay! The only bad thing is the mornings are EARLY and I will be quite tired but hopefully it won't take long to get used to =) Wish me luck!

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