Sunday, September 6, 2009

Go Gators!

So football season has offically begun! Yay Go Gators! Lucca showed his football spirit yesterday by supporting his favorite college football team!

We started Lucca on a new formula (soy) and THANKFULLY he is doing very well. He has been on it for over a week now and he LOVES drinking it..which is a MIRACLE because he hated drinking the other stuff after a while and if he did drink it he would just puke it right back up..

We had our visit with the pediatric GI doctor last week and he said that he thinks there are two things that could be wrong.. We will treat the one first and see if it helps and if not then we will take the second route and treat the second thing (which I hope we dont have to do) THe first thing was just SEVERE reflux that is burning his esophagus and causing his eating time to be very painful..the treatment..the maximum dose of prevasid which is 3 times a day at 2.5ml. Which so far has been doing very good, so I'm hoping we have figured this thing out and treated it... If not, the second thing was that he is having some type of alleric reaction in his throat which is causing him to have irritation, and the only way to find out if thats what it is, by putting a camera down his throat...In which case he would have to be put under anesthesia, which I DO NOT want to do to an 8 month old. SO I'm hoping the prevasid continues to do its job! =) That's all for now!

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