Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is it Friday yet!?

OMG today has been SO busy at work. I have been down in the E.R. by myself with the senior student (who is a life saver btw) and we have been working our bootys off all morning. I am so ready for this day to be over and for it to be Friday at 4:30!

On a FANTASTIC note....Lucca has slept for at least 8 hours straight for the past two nights in a row and I actually had to wake HIM up this morning!! I really hope that this is the beginning of a new routine because I like getting a full night's sleep!! Randy and I have been so refreshed the past 2 mornings.. =) Plus I think that Lucca is in a better mood for the whole day when he gets a good nights rest. He was so cute this morning when I went in there to wake him up..he was rubbing his eyes trying to go back to sleep, and looking up at me with those sleepy eyes. So precious. Love him to death! Alright back to work..lunch is over =(

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