Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lucca's 9 month appt!

Wow, I cannot believe that my little baby boy is almost 9 months! Time just flies so fast. We just got back from his 9 month appt and we actually had a really good report on everything this time! yay!

He got his 3rd Hep B shot and his flu shot today, and he was such a trooper..not even a whimper! Then they had to do a hemoglobin test to make sure his iron was good and it was a 15.1! Which doctor Arrango said he hasn't seen an iron that high in a baby that age in a LONG LONG time, but its a good thing he said =)

Lucca weighs 17.3 lb. and is 28 1/4in long with a 43.5 cm head! He only gained a pound or so from his 6 month appt but the doc said that he is just a long, thin guy and that all his stats are A-OK!

Now we can also start feeding him SOME table foods.. grits, smashed green beans and carrots and eggs lol.. My baby is growing up!
(having a snack before my doctors appt!)

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