Saturday, September 26, 2009

Teething and Scentsy Candles

I forgot to mention in my last post that Lucca has been teething like crazy..He is THE drooly monster if there ever was one. He got his bottom 2 teeth in about a month or so ago and he just got his third tooth in....his FANG tooth! Not his top teeth (those are breaking through also), but the fang he look so cute and funny when he smiles. I keep trying to et a pic of him but I'm not quick enough. But poor little guy has like 3 teeth coming through at the same time! No wonder he gets cranky! hehe.

So, a friend of a friend invited me to a "Scentsy Party" which is wickless, flameless candles. So I figured I would go and check it out. They are so cool! They have SO MANY different warmers to choose from and then you buy the scented "bars/bricks" that melt on top of the warmers. I ended up gettin 3 warmers, a plug-in, and a car candle! lol I see a new addiction coming on. And they come out with a "warmer and scent of the month" every month. There are so many different scents it was so hard to choose a few. But they aren't expensive at all and they are so decorative. Very very cool =) The girl that sells them is Meredith Brewer and you can view the stuff at

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Miranda Tucci said...

I LOVE decorative and smelly stuff like that too! I'm going to check it out :)

Poor little Lucca! I bet he's super cute with his teeth :) Tristan still hasn't broken any through, but he's been having the "symptom's" of teething - I know those can last for a long time before any teeth ever come in .. our poor little boys!