Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall, costumes, and teeth!

I finally got my Scentsy stuff in that I ordered..My house is smelling SO GOOOD! And for some weird reason I have been in cleaning mode every weekend..very weird, but my house is staying clean! I love the fall season!! And it is FINALLY starting to feel good outside!

I can't believe my child is already 9 months old...crazy how fast time flies! I just ordered his halloween costume for this year! Hopefully it fits! hehe he is going to be so cute =) I want to take him to a Pumpkin Patch..does anyone know of any good ones that are relatively close??

It seems like Lucca has been constantly teething since he was 4 months.. Poor little guy has FOUR teeth in the process of coming in right now, and I KNOW he is M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E!! Because I know I am! lol I am lacking so much sleep right now that I feel like I'm always grouchy and I HATE being grouchy! I try to put Orajel on them but he HATES that and he is becoming immune to the teething tablets I think, so I don't know what else to do to ease his pain besides letting him chew on teething rings, which he gets tired of after about 5 mintues..sigh... He is going to have a head full of teeth for his first birthday though! Which by the way is in 3 Months! I have to start planning!

(drinking out of my big boy cup!)


Miranda Tucci said...

HEY Girly! :)
We took Tristan to a pumpkin patch at a church right by the OP Mall :) It's on the right on top of the hill right after you pass the mall. There is also one at the corner of Blanding and College - I might take Tristan to that one too :)

What is Mr Lucca gonna be for Halloween?! Where did you get his costume from?

Lynzy said...

Cool. I liked yalls pics and that is what reminded me of wanting to take him to a pumpkin patch! He is going to be Yoda from star wars and i got his costume from,... any ideas what Tristan is going to be??