Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good News!

Well as you all know, Lucca has been sick with a cold for the past week and a half...well his endoscopy is Monday and if he didn't get better they were going to have to postpone his procedure and with the holidays right around the corner there is no telling WHEN we would have been able to get an appt. So my mom took him today to get checked out again, because he was still coughing and wheezy and we wanted to check once more before Monday to see if we were going to have to push it back or not...WELL,.... his wheezing is all gone! yay! He is just a little conjested still but we can give him some benedryl to dry him up and the procedure is a go! As long as he doesn't get sick again before then lol *fingers crossed* AND in only 2 weeks he has gained a pound and an inch! I am the proud mommy of a 19 1/2 lb, 30" 11 month old =) Hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to transition him to his "big-boy carseat" can't wait! There's my good new for the day. Keep him in your prayers that all goes well for Monday and we figure this thing out!

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Miranda Tucci said...

Yaaaaaay Lucca!! This makes me so happy!!! :)