Monday, December 7, 2009

Keeping our Fingers Crossed

Well it has now been a week since Lucca has been put on albuterol for his wheezing and RSV. We have been giving him treatments every 3 hours, all day every day since last Monday. He is starting to FEEL better, but he is still coughing =\ The doctor said to keep him on the treatments UNTIL he stops coughing.. So we are continuing to give them, in hopes that he will be better by this weekend! His endoscopy is next Monday, and if he isn't better then they are probably going to reschedule it. If that happens there is no telling when it will be because the followin week is Christmas week. SO we will see..we are hoping he continues to get better.. He doesn't wheeze ALL the time, but he has episodes and the coughing comes and goes as well.. so I guess it is just a waiting game. His doc told me to call him back by Wednesday if there continues to be no imporovment. So Keep you fingers crossed that he will get well and we can get this endoscopy out of the way before the holidays!!
Lucca has started to try and hold himself up by holding onto Randy or myself. He is getting so strong and can hold himself up sitting a little longer than before. Instead of trying to crawl forwards, he scoots himself backwards lol.. He will get there.


Melvin Family Blog said...

Good Luck with everything, I hope it all turns out for the best and your handsome little guy gets better!

Lynzy said...

Thanks me too!