Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the with the NEW!

Well..2009 has finally come to an end... As sad as it may be for some, I am VERY glad to start a new year!!
2009 for me has been an exciting, challenging, overwhelming, rewarding, exhausting year. I got to watch my son experience his first year of life, which was by far the best part of the entire year. Being a mom is absolutely THE best feeling/job in the entire world. God truly blessed me when he gave me that little miracle. Even though we have experienced alot of heartache, and frustration with Lucca's G.I. Issues this year, I know that it will HOPEFULLY soon be resolved and Lucca will be able to enjoy a normal little childhood with no puking or pain. I KNOW that God is going to put HIS hand on Lucca and heal him, and do great things with him.
2010 is going to be a year of HEALING!

Work has been extremely exhausting, but after almost 5 years, God blessed me with a 4 day work week working Tues-Fri 6a-4:30p, which I NEVER thought I would be able to get. It allows me to have every Monday off to spend with Lucca. =)

2009 has allowed me to gain a few close friends, which I am very thankful for. I am able to be myself and tell them anything and trust them with all I have. THAT is very rare. I have also experienced losing a few friends whom I thought I would always remain close with. It is amazing what you see when you stand back and look at situations and things from a different point of view/perspective. You see things you were once oblivious to. And although I am sad that I have lost those once close relationships, I know that GOD brings people in and out of your life for a reason and a purpose, and I have learned to never question HIM.

I hope that this new year only brings good things for my family and I. and to everyone else of course!

I have come up with a FEW goals that I would very much so like to accomplish in this new year:

1.) To work on my patience and attitude.. with everything & everyone
2.) To start eating healthy! I keep telling myself I am going to and never stick to it. I WANT/NEED to!
3.) To read a chapter of the Bible once a day
4.) To pray in the morning and at night...TRULY meaningful prayers
5.) To take more pride in my home...never know when those unexpected visitors may show up! lol
6.) To be a better mother/wife
7.) To not stress over the little things..

I REALLY hope that I am able to stick to these goals. I think I will really be able to enjoy my life/family/work much much more if I can stick to these! Wish me luck! And good luck to everyone else out there who has set goals for themself to accomplish!

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