Monday, January 4, 2010

Lucca's 1st B-Day Party

Saturday Jan. 2nd we had Lucca's 1st Bday party..I had REALLY been stressing out about it because there was going to be ALOT of people there, and I just didn't want anything to go wrong/bad. lol I am NOT a good entertainer of alot of people, and my biggest fear was that people were going to get bored. Hopefully no one did lol. It ended up turning out pretty good I think. I lot of people showed up and some that said they were, didn't but it kinda worked out to our advantage lol. We might not have had any food left if everyone showed up! I'm really glad that people that DID come, came. We are so lucky/thankful to have the friends and family that we do.

Birthday Boy!

I was really hoping that Lucca would mess up his cake, and thankfully with a little push in the beginning, he did =) I am so proud of him, it was so cute! And he kept saying.. "yuummm" lol I can't believe he is already a year old! Time FLIES.

Lucca's own personal cupcake(made by yours truly)

He LOVED it!

Mama & the birthday boy

Our little family =)
The damage! lol

Lucca got ALOT of good gifts from everyone, and we thank you all SO much! He is so spoiled already. He really likes all the toys he got, and thankfully they are all learning/walking/helpful toys to his development. Thanks everyone! We love yall so much!
Lucca FINALLY got to play with Tristan a little bit. They were so cute together! Hopefully we can get them together again!

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