Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lucca's Endoscopy

We went for Lucca's Endoscopy Procedure yesterday morning. The night before Lucca did NOT want to go to sleep! I rocked him for 2 hours, then left him in the bed to cry for another hour...by then it was 1130 PM and nothing would calm him.. Finally around 12:30AM he went to sleep on my chest and I just layed down in the bed.. I was SOOO tired! We had to be there at 6:15 for his 8:00 scheduled procedure. Thank goodness we were the first scheduled! Lucca was WIDE awake when we got there and he was letting everyone know! lol He was being so loud. He looked so cute in his little gowns. =) Finally I was able to rock him to sleep while we waited on the anesthesiologist and doctor to come talk to us. My biggest thing was with anesthesia..I didn't want them to give him an IV first because it is absolute torture for him. He has very hard veins to find and when they DO find them, they roll. The anesthesiologist assured me that they would give him the mask first to let him fall asleep and then the IV. It was soooo hard watching the nurse walk away with him and we weren't able to go. ='( SOOO hard. Luckily the procedure only took about 15-20 minutes and the doctor came out and showed us the pictures he took of Lucca's GI Tract, and said that everything looked normal! He took a few biopsies for allergic reactions and digestive enzyme problems. Those won't be back until the end of the week, and beginning of next week. So if those come back normal then it looks like Lucca just has SUPER SEVERE Reflux disease and will HOPEFULLY grow out of it! He had a lil trouble coming out of anesthesia, but they said everything worked out fine, and in recovery it was taking him a long time to realize where he was and what was going on so he was very very fussy for a while lol. He finally came to and we were able to go home. He was good the rest of the day but the anesthesia made him sick to his stomach, because he was puking WAY more than usual lol. But thankfully he slept pretty decent last night so I was able to catch up on SOME sleep =) So now we are just waiting for the biopsy results!!

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