Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out of ideas!

I know that when babies get older that they start sleeping less throughout the day...Lucca USED to take two, hour naps during the day..Now.. we are lucky if he takes one nap for an hour.. AND you would think that with him only taking ONE one hour nap (we are lucky if he even sleeps that long) that he would be absolutely EXHAUSTED by the time night came around, and he would sleep ALL night.. WRONG! It is soooo hard to get him to go to sleep at night and once I finally do, he sleeps until like 1 or 2am and then doesn't want to go back to sleep! He is full of energy! HOW!??! I have no idea.. We have a new nickname for him... "the Insomniac Energizer Bunny"! lol He just does NOT need sleep to function. I don't understand.. He NEVER wants to sleep, so I am not getting any sleep either.. I rock him, let him cry for 2 hours, walk him, feed him.. I have run out of ideas?! HELP PLEASE!! lol


Miranda Tucci said...

I REALLY hate to say it (because I'm against giving babies meds to make them sleep) but maybe on those desperate nights you could give him some baby benadryl?????

Lynzy said...

tried that! lol had to give him some for his stuffy nose.. doesn't even touch him lol