Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow..what a day.

What a day!! Lucca and I went to church this morning, although every time I walked into the auditorium, Lucca would start crying so I would have to walk back out...Finally i just went ahead and came home. I brought Lucca to my parents after church because we were going to work on putting in his BIG BOY carseat! Well my dad went to change his diaper and he PROJECTILE vomited EVERYWHERE.. like it just kept coming out of his mouth! It was everything he had eaten for breakfast.! Finally we tried to feed him lunch and he vomited before I even got two bites in his mouth. He was choking so bad he stopped breathing!! Talk about a SCARE!!! So we decided to just let him relax and he fell asleep.. When he woke up about an hour later, we tried something bland to eat and he seemed to be eating very well, until he coughed and it came FLYING out his mouth like a water fountain.. talk about me being scared! He wasn't keeping any fluids or foods down.. AND on top of that, he hadn't had a wet diaper all day.. =\
So we called the on call nurse who told us to go to the ER.. We know that they would just give him an IV so he could get fluids, but he is SO SO HARD to get an IV on! I hate seeing him go through that torture =( So we gave him some more pedialyte and he has kept that down so far, and had a little wet diaper.. So I am so afraid to give him any foods because I dont want to go through the vomiting sessions again!! Hopefully he will keep down the pedialyte tonight and I can wean him onto solids slowly.. TALK ABOUT A CRAZY DAY!!

On a GOOD note..we DID get his big boy car seat installed! Check him out! Ridin in style! =) lol

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