Monday, March 15, 2010

Results from P.T.

So we went to Lucca's Physical Therapy Appt this morning, and what we found out was..

1.) He definately needs PT
2.) He is much further behind/ much weaker than we thought
3.) He possibly needs Occupational Therapy as well as Speech Therapy
4.) Some of his movements and the way he moved were "funny" looking to the therapist and she said they put up some red flags that he could have something else going on such as something neurological..
5.) He will be going to PT every week indefinately..and she doesn't think he will be walking in the next 6 months...

These are some of the things that we found out among others.. I wasn't really prepared to hear all of that, but at least now we know we are headed in the right direction =) I really hope at least. Please continue to keep Lucca and us in your prayers. Thanks.


Miranda Tucci said...

I'm so glad little man is in PT - especially if he needs it so badly. I was just curious - what would be a neurological thing? (I'm not up on my medical info..) He just seems to happy and smart.. I hope that this PT helps him!!

Lynzy said...

she thinks something neurologically because of the way he is making some of his movements, and not moving in certain ways..someting could be wrong with the nerves and messages being sent through the nerves to his muscles..