Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just a little venting..

I have had a lot of different things running through my mind these past few weeks.. I'm just wondering why it seems like some people in the world get everything handed to them on a silver platter, and others struggle their entire life to get anywhere. It seems to me like the people that have to work hard their entire life, struggle and struggle and just when you think you are in the clear...BOOM..another struggle.. I know all of you have noticed this..Why is it that drug dealers get to live in mansions, drive escalades, and wear Gucci and Coach, etc, and still eat off of food stamps, and never have to pay a doctor bill or get their entire school paid for when they have never worked a day in their life.. BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE NOT TO, NOT BECAUSE THEY CAN' Then you have the people who have worked hard their entire life, drive POS cars, and have bills out the ying yang because insurance doesn't want to cover hardly anything for people that actually DO have insurance.. and no matter how hard you work, or how good of a person you are to people, you can never get ahead in life. I just don't understand.

I know you aren't supposed to ask "WHY" in life.. But sometimes it is just really really hard not to.. I did everything right in my pregnancy. I didn't do drugs, or smoke, or drink, or party, etc. My husband and I work hard to get where we are.. Why does my son have to be going through this? What did he do wrong? Nothing.. I don't understand. I HATE that he is having to go through this, that he can't be where other babies are at his age.. I just want the world for him , and for him to have things easy. I know he is a little fighter and we will get through this. I just wish he didn't have to have this struggle. And yes, I know it could be worse..and I am thankful that it isn't any worse than it is. I just pray that God gives Randy and I the strength to stay strong for him, because at this is really hard to not break down. Sorry for venting, just had to get it off of my chest..

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