Monday, April 5, 2010


Saturday I took Lucca over to play with his old bud Tristan. Tristan used to live across the street from us but sadly him and his parents had to move to Orange Park. Pretty soon they will be moving even FARTHER away to HI! We will def miss them, but I'm so glad that Lucca and Tristan have been able to hang a few times.. This was actually their first "Official" playdate! Here are some cute pictures that Miranda got from her camera (Thanks Miranda!)

Tristan was giving Lucca the funniest/cutest looks haha
Lucca LOVED that green ball!
they were so cute with the bouncy balls!

T playing peek-a-boo with Lucca's burpcloth

They had a great time!!
Thanks again Miranda for letting us come over and play! We are going to miss you guys!

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