Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lucca's 1st Hair 'Trim'

Sooo...Lucca's hair has started to turn curly..which I LOVE!! But since he lays on his back, ALOT, he has a nice big bald spot on the back of his head, and his hair is curly on both sides of the bald spot..Also, one side's curls are much longer then the other, so even though his curly hair is cute and is starting to look like what Randy & I call the "mad scientist hairdo" so as hard as I have been trying to hold out for his first "hair-cut" this definitely needed to be so instead of calling this his first "OFFICIAL" hair cut..this is just a hair TRIM lol..Enjoy:

He was such a big boy for Daddy

The trimmers were tickling his head and ears lol

Bye-Bye Mad Scientist Curls ;)

"What are you doing, Dad??"

Watching the baby in the mirror getting a hair trim too!
"Are we done yet??"
"Oh, no Dad what did you do!?"

The finished product... my handsome lil man =)

ALLL even now!

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