Thursday, April 29, 2010

Therapy Updates..

For those who don't know us that well... Lucca has been going to Physical Therapy for a few weeks now every Monday.. He recently started Occupational Therapy as well.. Both of those "evaluation consultations" put Lucca at around 6-9 months range with his development. Lately he has been getting stronger and has started to do more things that the therapist has showed us...still no crawling or walking yet..not even any attempts to.. hopefully soon =)

Yesterday we had his Speech Therapy Consultation... We found out that his communicative skills/cognitive development level is that of a 4-6 month old and that he falls below the 1 percentile for babies his age.. Depressing?.. YES! BUT....we are keeping high hopes that all these therapy sessions are going to help my lil guy improve... It is very hard to stay positive when all the news we have been getting recently is negative..but I have no choice =) I just love that lil booger and of course I will do anything he needs to improve! Thankfully he is a happy boy. He is always laughing and smiling =) Please keep him and us in your prayers for healing and strength!

We have a Neurology consultation in August, and we are hoping to finally figure out what is causing his severe developmental delays.. and if they news does happen to come back that there is nothing..and he is just VERY behind.. at least we will have the peace of mind to know that he is going to catch up, and there isn't anything seriously wrong =) *crossing our fingers for that!* I just want to know what is causing everything so we can get a jump start on fixing it...VERy frustrating not knowing.. Very...*sigh*

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