Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tristan's 1st Birthday!

This past Saturday, Lucca, MiMi and I went to Lucca's lil buddy, Tristan's, 1st bday party. It was a "western/cowboy" theme, and it turned out soooo cute! Miranda did a great job decorating! All the food was so delicious and the lil favors and decor were adorable! This was out last time seeing them before they leave to go to Hawaii =( We will definitely miss their lil family! Here are just a few pics from the party:

The MAIN cake (which was DELISH!)

T's personal cake
The lil cowboy himself! he was such a cutie!

Blowing out the candle with "dada"

Digging in..he just kept taking bites! he loved it!

MiMi & Lucca (lil man was so tired! lol)

He passed OUT right after lunch hehe
Also at the party we met a mom and lil guy that hopefully we will start getting to hang out with! The little boys name is Paxton and he is a year old too.. He has also been having some problems with hitting milestones and him & Lucca are sorta in the same boat! So it will be nice for Lucca to have someone to hang out that is similar to him in physical development! Also, it is nice for me too, to have a mom that understands me and we know what the other is going through mentally, physically and emotionally... I really hope that we can stay in touch and that the lil guys become good friends!!

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