Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flood of Emotions

I feel like I have been super emotional this past week.. Flooded with emotions that I cannot control..It has been really hard to focus at work and not let my mind wander. But oddly enough...I have also had a peace about everything. I know that my God is a loving God. I also know that God does not make mistakes, and my little Lucca is going to be very special..he already is. When I go back and think when he was a baby...he has not had a normal childhood since birth.. Jaundice & dehydration his very first couple days of being born..Allergic to milk AND soy...REFLUX that lasted till he was around 14 months...In and out of the hospital for tests, and of course all his delays & going through therapies...But through everything, that little boy has been the happiest little boy I've ever met. He lights up my life, and he is such a blessing to me. I believe everything that he has experienced has made him such a little fighter and has made him so strong. I know that God brought him into this world to do good things and to fulfill something for Him. I pray everyday that God uses him for His work, and will help me lead him in that direction. I love that little boy more than anything, and I know God has great things planned for him =) I am so thankful and blessed to be "Lucca's Mommy" Thank you Lord for sending me that little blessing!

This smile sums it up =)

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The Tucci's! said...

Absolutely! Lucca is already a blessing and he's so young! I've always said he is the happiest little guy I've ever seen .. it's hard not to be happy when you have such a wonderful and loving family :-) You're so lucky to have him .. he's indeed a very special little man!