Monday, July 26, 2010

Lucca's 1st Trip to the ZOO!

Randy surprised us today by taking off of work so we could have a "family day"!.
Unfortunately he has been sick ALL weekend and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to do anything today...then we didn't know what to do because it is sooooooooo hot outside and we wanted to take him somewhere he has never been...We settled on the zoo, even though we didn't want to take him there until it cooled down some....we figured we would just go for a little while then leave. Of course it was sooooo HOT..and Lucca hadn't had his nap yet so he was pretty tired the whole time, but we managed to stick it out for about 2 hours... and you would THINK after being in the heat for 2 hours and going to the zoo would tire him out....not my son lol.. he is so darn hyper this afternoon! He is tiring ME out instead! Here are a few pictures of his first trip...there aren't many, but hopefully when it cools down some we will get to go back and he can enjoy it more!!

Watchin the anteater chewin on his

Lookin at the "big kitties"

Chillen in the new stroller

HUGE snake..!
On the elephant with mommy

Watchin the giraffes!

Lunch time!

We had such a good day I can't wait to go back when it cools down!

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The Tucci's! said...

Lucca is such a stud! :-) I'm glad ya'll got to have a family day! I love the Zoo MYSELF.. I'm like a kid! LOL