Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lucca's MRI

This morning was the morning for Lucca's MRI of his brain. Yesterday after the zoo he ended up taking a VERY late nap and slept till about 6:00... then he didn't want to go back to bed until around 11:00 last night... I gave him some juice before he went to bed because after 5am he wasn't allowed ANY fluids...any other night I WANT him to sleep till around 6 or 7 but deep down I was kinda hoping he would wake up before 5 so I could give him some juice, because his scan wasn't until 8am! Luckily, shortly after we got to the hospital I was able to rock him back to sleep..They called us back around 715ish for his vitals and pre-op stuff and he slept through the whole thing! Then they actually allowed me to go back with him while they "put him to sleep" (they had to sedate him with anesthesia since he is a baby, to hold still for the MRI). He stayed asleep in my arms while the anesthesiologist put the mask on him and he only woke up a little because of the smell... so basically he went from sleeping to DEEP sleeping..it was such an easy transition, thank the Lord! The scan took around 30 minutes...then they called me and Randy back to be with him while he woke up... In January, when Lucca had his endoscopy he screamed his head off for an entire hour after they woke him up so we were expecting to hear screaming...we heard nothing, so we thought he hadn't been brought to recovery yet... Nope, he was there, just sleeping like a baby!! hehe.. The nurse said she was going to let him sleep it off because they wake up better that way, and he sure did. He finally woke up after about 30 minutes rubbing his eyes like he wasn't ready to wake up yet.. Then after he got some of his juice he was his happy normal self again! I couldn't have asked for a better, easy-going morning! They said he did great and we should hear some results hopefully by next week! Thanks everyone for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers!

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