Monday, August 23, 2010

Positive News and an Exciting Week/weekend!

As you can see in my previous post, Lucca's therapist has been using a walker with him during his PT sessions... My dad and Randy decided that wanted to both pitch in to buy Lucca a similar walker for at home...When I brought that up today at therapy she said "I don't want you to think that just because I am using a walker for him in therapy that he is going to need one long term. I am merely using this as a stepping block for him, but he is already showing the steps and signs that he is going to walk just fine on his will be on 'Lucca Time' but he will walk on his own." How EXCITING is that?! Definitely a sigh of relief if this is true. =) Of course that is not WHY we were wanting to get one, we thought by getting one for the house that he would be able to get this type of exercise EVERY NIGHT instead of just one day a week and hopefully that will help him progress even better/quicker!

Last Friday was the Seniors last day of Radiology School =( Quite sad to say the least.. Happy for them too, but still sad. This is the first class that I have actually built friendships in and some of them are leaving and moving away, and others are not getting jobs at Shands so I hope that I will still be able to keep in touch with some of them. They are some great girls =) But they have slaved for the past two years like I did when I was in school, so I am excited that they are FINALLY graduating this Thursday night! Congratulations Class of 2010!!! I love yall!

Also on a good note... Randy surprised me yesterday saying that I needed to start packing for a birthday vacation weekend! He won't tell me where we are going, just that we are leaving Saturday morning and coming back Monday afternoon =) I'm kinda excited and nervous at the same time! Can't wait to see what he has planned =)

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Anonymous said...

im not going to miss you bc we wont stop being friends... PROMISE?
that is exciting about lucca and about his walker too! and omg i hope you and randy have a good time and enjoy yourselfs...:)
i love you-lauren