Monday, August 30, 2010

Senior's Graduation, Bloodshed & a Surprise Birthday Weekend !

The Senior C/O 2010 graduated Thursday night, August 26th... Their 2 years of slavery is finally over!! Unfortunately I did not get to get a picture with all of the class but I did manage to get pictures with a few of the girls...Congratulations guys! Good luck on your registry and in any future endeavors!! Shands has trained you well!

Victoria, KT (techs along with myself), Ash, Kandis, Me, and Lauren

Me & Dr. Gladden! (one of our former orthopaedic surgeons)

Me & Ash (will miss her dearly :( she is moving to P-cola)

Me & my LLF, Lo-Lo

Me & Kandis
Friday morning I had to take Kali to the vet because she has been acting strange and peeing in weird places and for the almost 3 years that we have had her, she has NEVER done that... So alot of people at work told me she might have a UTI or kidney/bladder infection...Well I almost had to call and cancel because it took me 20 minutes just to get her inside her carrier! I tried every which way and finally had to turn the thing on its side and basically drop her in... and once I got her in she turned into a rabid beast! I have cuts on my hand, chest and leg from that crazy cat!! Anyway, I finally got her and and we made it to the vet, where they told me they would have to keep her for a few hours because her bladder was empty. Finally, they called me and said that she has stress-related anxiety and that can cause cats to have an inflammed bladder and show signs of having UTIs... Soooo we have to give her an antibiotic and "kitty prozac" for a few days lol.. Yay. Now she hates us lol.
Well... today is my 25th Birthday! Yay! lol Last week, Randy told me to start packing for my surprise birthday weekend....and would not tell me where we were going! Saturday morning we went and had a nice family breakfast at Cracker Barrel, where Lucca had a whole pancake and some apples all to himself with a nice cold sippy cup of soy milk to wash it all down... =) Then we dropped him off at my parents and headed to my surprise...Boy WAS I surprised when we arrived at Hammock Beach Resort & Spa!! I had been wanting to go there for a while but NEVER thought I would be able to..This place is AMAZING!

There were all kind of ritzy people walking around and valet and we are SOOOOO not used to all of that. When we checked in Randy of course set him up a tee-time for Sunday afternoon and then we went up to our room, which already had all of our luggage waiting on us.. Then he took me downstairs for me next surprise......He had set me up an all afternoon SPA DAY for Sunday while he was playing golf.. what a WONDERFUL surprise! I have NEVER been to a spa before...
This place had so much to do.. there were like 5 different pools, live entertainment, a beach, golf, bike riding, ping pong, putt-putt, etc... So we went and played putt-putt since it was kinda rainy and their putt-putt course is just like a REAL golf course only smaller... real grass, sand-traps and all.. very
Then we went and played volleyball and swam for the rest of the evening.. Sunday morning he woke me up really early and we went for a walk on the beach.. it was sooooooo windy but it was really nice =) Here are some of the things we saw during our morning stroll...

Our view of the beach from the boardwalk


Us bright & early in the morning =)

Being goofy on these random rocks

It was sooo beautiful there!

a little crab =)

View of our hotel from the beach
After we got back from the beach he got ready to go play golf, and I got ready for my DAY AT THE SPA! It was sooo nice! I got a 50 min massage, followed by a 50 min facial.. Then topped off with a mani-pedi.. soo relaxing! Then we went out to a nice dinner for my bday=)

Us before going to Outback for my birthday dinner =)

Thank you so much to Randy & My parents for giving me such a wonderful birthday surprise!! It was fantastic!

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Miranda said...

WOW! What a WONDERFUL surprise Lyndsay!!! You're such a lucky girl! Maybe Randy can give Shelby a few pointers?? LoL ;-)

And, WAY TO GO LUCCA.. what a big breakfast! I miss that little guy!! (TRISTAN DOES TOO!!!)

If Randy ever decides to surprise you with a vacation to Hawaii, PLEASE come see us while you're here!!!

Have a wonderful week!