Sunday, September 5, 2010


Nothing really to post today...just thought I would post a few pictures from this past week/weekend.. The first couple are from my nephews 7th birthday party yesterday, and the other ones are just random.. Can't believe my lil guy is 20 months old! He is almost 2..... bittersweet heh

Lucca & Aunt Amy

Mamamma gettin some sugars from Lucca

Lucca & MiMi

Chewing on the basketball..crazy kid

Again..has to taste the ball before he throws it back to you..

sittin in his "train" watchin TV and playing with his puppy

Reeeeeachin for Kali

Playin with his telephone
Here is a video of Lucca "multi-tasking"....eating, drinking, and playing with his toy at the same time.. silly kid =)
This is one of Lucca doing his "toe-touches" that Paw-Paw taught him, to strengthen his stomach muscles..

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