Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rough Weekend & Family Photos

This has been a pretty rough weekend...My poor lil Lucca Man has been feeling pretty irritable lately and little over a month ago he started to reflux again ALOT.. After every meal, when he sits up, when you pick him up, etc. Just like it used to be..On top of the vomitting, he has been SOOOO SUPER WHINEY.. I don't know if it is in conjunction with the vomitting and his throat and belly are hurting because of it, or if it is for some other reason and it stinks that he can't tell me what hurts.. :( It is so hard to go anywhere and do anything with a lil guy that is whining and puking constantly lol! Just the other night on our way home from dinner he puked 3 times in the car and it is so hard to clean up vomit while you are driving and hope he doesn't choke on his puke! He is already on the maximum doseage of Prevasid for his reflux and the next step is going to a medicine that isn't FDA approved for babies, which is kinda scary... But this puking after every meal multiple times is getting really rough and hard to handle considering he is almost 2 years old... He is definitely irritated by it too.. Anyway, I hate to sound like im complaining but I just hate seeing him in pain and I don't know what is hurting him.. Then we had family pictures planned for today and we get there and are waiting for our turn, but Lucca falls asleep and we can't get him to wake up...his eyes were all rolling back in his head like he was drugged up or something, so obviously he doesn't feel well and we decided to reschedule pictures for next week. Luckily my mom and dad took some for us when we got back to their house, so I have some "non-professional family pictures" to show :) Professional ones to come soon...depending on Lucca lol.

-Lucca & Daddy...aren't they so handsome!?-

-Me and my lil man-
-Making crazy noises-

-The little family-


Schauss Family Happenings said...

Love the pictures. You guys are so cute!

A lot more families are on the yahoo board than on FB. If you post info/questions about the reflux, a lot of the more experienced 22q13 families might be able to help you with what they are gone through and what works. There is always someone over there to help. I know there have been a lot of recent posts on reflux. I think reflux is a 50/50 thing. Some have had issues...others have not.

Miranda said...

Poor little guy!! I REALLY hope he starts feeling better soooooon!